Fractured - Catherine McKenzie

Julie Prentice has had a stalker ever since the publication of her bestselling novel, The Murder Game. Hoping to start anew and leave her stalker in the past, Julie and her family move across the country. Their new neighbour, John Dunbar, befriends Julie but soon their friendship brings complications within their close-knit, watchful community. Despite her best efforts to fit in Julie inadvertently creates more problems that lead to disastrous consequences.

The chapters count down from twelve months ago with Julie's point of view and John's point of view with "today" in between each month. We know something bad has happened. The build up was great. The writing was excellent. I love how every little thing came together to set the end in motion. The characters felt real. I love that this book is about Julie, the woman who wrote The Murder Game (but The Murder Game and Fractured are actually written by Catherine McKenzie) Very interesting concept and very well-done.