Distress Signals - Catherine Ryan Howard

Adam Dunne's longtime girlfriend, Sarah, is not on the plane when she's due to return from a Barcelona business trip. His life begins to crumble more and more with each passing day as texts and phone calls to her cell go unanswered. How could she leave him like this? How could she have gone to Barcelona and not tell her parents? Then Sarah's passport and a note that simply reads "I'm sorry-S" arrives in their mailbox. Adam believes something more sinister is going on and that Sarah didn't just decide to leave her old life behind. That's not the Sarah he knows. Or maybe he didn't know her as well as he thought he did. But as he digs around he is able to connect Sarah to a cruise ship called the Celebrate and to a woman who disappeared from that same ship almost exactly a year before. Adam needs answers and will do whatever he has to do in order to find out what really happened to his girlfriend.

Wow. This book was GOOD! I was hooked from the very first sentence! It's one of those books where I couldn't read it fast enough but didn't want it to end. The suspense, the setting, the plot, the twists, the characters - everything about this book was excellent. It definitely shows you the darker side of what goes on on cruise ships. Very interesting.