The Cabin - Natasha Preston

Mackenzie and six of her friends are spending the weekend at a cabin in the woods. She's expecting it to be a drunken good time but that's not what it turns out to be when they wake up in the morning to find that two of their friends have been killed. Detective Inspector Wright is working the case and is treating them all as suspects. He's not giving Mackenzie enough information and she wants to clear her name as well as her friends names so she does some investigating herself. She discovers that each of her friends has a secret and that any one of them could be capable of murder.

The writing wasn't great. I know this comes out on September 6th but was previously published as "Covert" so I don't know if the errors are in the Covert as well, but there are lots!! Mackenzie went to Kyle's house to talk to him and when she left she hung up the phone. Blake walked to his truck and got in his car. The errors didn't affect my rating. My one star came from when I found out who the killer was and their motive for doing it. Wow. Totally unbelievable, over the top, ridiculous, childish. A very disappointing read.