Whisper to Me - Nick Lake

Cassie has been dealing with a lot the last couple of years. Her mother died, she doesn't have a good relationship with her father who is an ex-Navy SEAL, she has no friends. Now she hears voices. The day she makes a gruesome discovery on the beach is the same day she starts to hear a voice inside her head. If she doesn't obey it, it will punish her. The voice is constantly putting her down. She falls in love with one of the guys staying in the apartment above the garage for the summer, but she's too embarrassed to tell him about the voice. She doesn't want his pity. She can't explain where she goes every Thursday night, the night she sneaks off to the bowling alley for the voice support group. Things didn't end well between the two of them. But she wants another chance and this is her writing an e-mail trying to explain why she pushed him away.


I loved the writing and the fact that this book was a long e-mail. I liked Cassie. She felt real to me. She's just a young girl who's been through a lot and had no one to talk to. I liked her character growth. I did NOT like the asterisks. Every time someone swore these ******* things would appear. So annoying!