Crossing In Time - D. L. Orton, Micah McDonald

This book is told from three different perspectives: Isabel's - a geneticist, Diego's - a software engineer, and Matt's - a physicist.

Isabel runs into Diego fifteen years after their relationship ended. Now she must travel back in time to make sure they stay together. It's the only way to save the world.

After writing a review about only winning a part of the book in a giveaway instead of the whole book like I thought it would be, the author was kind enough to get in touch and send me all of book one, so a big thank you to her!

I've never really read any time travel or dystopian books, but this one intrigued me. "Be prepared to encounter a finicky time machine, a mysterious seashell and a very clever dog. The prologue drew me in. I liked Matt's perspective the most. I did like that Isabel made it to the other world. But when Isabel and Diego were together they annoyed me to no end. Despite that, though, I did enjoy the book and am curious as to what will happen next.