What She Left Behind - Ellen Marie Wiseman

Izzy Stone is seventeen. Her mother fatally shot her father while he slept ten years ago and she has refused to visit her in prison. She was living with her grandmother until she passed away and has been with several foster families. But her new foster parents seem great. They're curators at the local museum and have asked for Izzy's help cataloging the items found inside an old state asylum. The asylum makes her uncomfortable as it makes her think of her mother's "insanity." As she goes through one of the former patient's belongings she's taken to another time in search of answers.


Clara Cartwright was eighteen years old in 1929 when she was sent away to a genteel home for nervous invalids; her overbearing father furious at her for rejecting an arranged marriage and falling in love with an Italian immigrant. But when he can no longer afford her care at the home after losing money in the stock market crash, Clara is committed to the asylum.


This is a weird book for me to describe - it wasn't bad, but I'm happy it's over. I guess I didn't enjoy my time locked away in an insane asylum with Clara when we didn't have to be there. I can't imagine going through what either one of the main characters went through, really. The writing was okay, a little repetitious at times. Izzy swallows lots of burning lumps in her throat, she might want to get that checked out.