The Secret Life of Violet Grant - Beatriz Williams

The book goes back and forth between two young women:

Vivian Schuyler is now in possession of a suitcase that once belonged to her aunt Violet. Vivian didn't even know she had an aunt Violet. With a quick phone call to her aunt Julie she learns that Violet was a scientist who murdered her husband in Berlin in 1914 and ran off with her lover and no one has heard from her since. Vivian is determined to find out about this mysterious aunt of hers that no one has ever mentioned and that no one has heard from in fifty years.

Violet Schuyler has fought her way to England to pursue her dream of becoming a physicist. As the only woman studying at the institute and being in a different country, she is lonely. Her mentor, Dr. Grant, has been very good to her and she feels obligated to go along with his wishes which quickly leads to their marriage and a move to Berlin. It's not only the beginning of World War I that will turn Violet's life upside down.

I loved Vivian's spunk. I loved both women's stories. It's one of those books I didn't want to put down but couldn't wait to finish. I wanted to know what happened to Dr. Grant and I want to devour everything else Williams has written - her writing is mesmerizing.