When the Sky Fell Apart - Caroline Lea

All hope that Hitler will leave the Channel Islands alone is gone. It's June 1940 and bombs have started dropping on Jersey. Shortly afterwards 12,000 German troops take over the island. We read about four different people:

Claudine is a ten-year-old girl who befriends one of the soldiers, but this friendship will inadvertently let trouble into the home she shares with her younger brother and their mother.

Maurice is a local fisherman who will do whatever it takes to protect his sick wife who can no longer care for herself.

Edith is a natural healer, although most people on the island would call her a witch, who will try her best to help those in need.

Tim Carter is an English doctor who had the chance to evacuate the island before it was invaded but refused to do so. He has no choice now but to obey the Commandant and be labelled a traitor by the locals as he tries to protect them (although they do not know this)

It's well-written. The topic of the German Occupation of Jersey was interesting and, of course, heartbreaking. These four characters were great. So was the German soldier, Gregor. Just reading about this stirs up feelings of hopelessness and anger, I can't imagine actually living it. So sad.