Behind Closed Doors - B.A. Paris

Everyone thinks Grace has the perfect life - a big house, many talents, a slim body despite the elaborate meals she prepares for dinner parties, and she's married to an Angel, literally. Her husband, Jack Angel, is good-looking. He's a lawyer, defender of battered women. And he's so thoughtful, loving and caring when it comes to his wife. Grace gave up her job as a buyer who got to travel to South America to source their fruit so she and Jack could spend more time together. They're always together.. even when Grace is invited out for coffee with her girlfriends or when she's visiting her younger sister, Millie, who wants some alone time with her.

The chapters go back and forth between past and present. I couldn't put the book down. The whole story flowed well. Grace's fear, desperation, and helplessness were palpable. My hatred towards Jack was immense. I really liked Millie, Grace's younger sister with Down's syndrome who shares my opinion that George Clooney is an ugly man.

It's scary and disgusting to think how often this happens in real life.