All Is Not Forgotten - Wendy   Walker

Jenny Kramer is brutally raped in the woods outside of a house party. In the hours immediately after, her parents are given a choice to allow the doctors to give Jenny a drug that will immediately erase her memory of the assault. Her father does not want her to be given the drug, he wants Jenny to remember her attacker so he can be punished, but her mother absolutely wants it so her daughter can be "fixed" and they can all move on like it never happened. But in the months that follow, Jenny has emotions about what happened but no memories to attach them to. Her father becomes obsessed with catching the attacker. No one wants to believe it could be someone in their close-knit community. And things begin to unravel for all involved.

My thoughts are all over the place. This book is told by a narrator, which I was not expecting and sometimes did not like. I thought it was going to be Jenny's story, but it seems the narrator told their own story. We learn who the narrator is several chapters in, and we learn this person is egotistical and manipulative. But the whole book was cleverly woven together. The writing was great although I found it got bogged down at times with technical terms. It's a book that makes you think.