The Doorkeepers - Graham Masterton

Josh Winward has just found out that his sister was murdered. Julia's mutilated body was found in the Thames. Josh and his girlfriend, Nancy, travel across the ocean to England to figure out what she was doing in the months before her death and to figure out who killed her. But nothing makes sense - the company she was working for hasn't been in business for sixty years and she was living in a place that hasn't existed since the second World War. Josh and Nancy run into a woman with psychic abilities at the railway station, and the doors she can open are scary.

The concept of this book is cool - Julia started a new life. She had a job. She had friends and a crush at work. But to her brother, and everyone else for that matter, things didn't add up - nobody knew where she was for ten months. It's like she was living in a different world. It could have been soo good! Instead the whole thing was anticlimactic. The last chapter was horrible. I was so disappointed with this book and am glad it's over with.