The Charm Bracelet: A Novel - Viola Shipman

Each charm has its own meaning and special place in Lolly's heart. For her birthday, her mother gave her a charm along with the simple advice that there's nothing more important than family and keeping memories alive. Now, at 70, Lolly's memory isn't what it used to be. She reaches out to her workaholic daughter and her teenage granddaughter to come for a visit. Every charm has a story, and through Lolly's stories the three women are able to find peace, happiness, faith, passion and love.


I love charm bracelets, always have. I loved the three generations of women and their closeness. I loved going back to the past, whether it was learning about Lolly's grandmother, or her own childhood, and even into her adulthood. I loved the setting.. the log cabin on Lost Lake that has been in the family for generations. This was a heartwarming, cozy, well-written book with a great ending!