The Dark Side of the Rainbow - Rita Hogan
I really liked the description of this book which is basically:

Olivia Nelson had a close relationship with her brother and when he died it destroyed her life. Landon Gray was the one responsible for Olivia's brother's death and she plans to get her revenge. She transforms herself into a completely different person and travels from the United States to Argentina with her mind set on the revenge she has wanted for so many years.

After the accident, Landon went to Argentina to get away from what happened and to be with his sister. Not a day goes by that he's not tormented by the guilt he still carries around. When Brooke arrives at his resort he is immediately drawn to her.

As Olivia (now Brooke) starts spending more and more time with Landon she begins to doubt if she can go through with her plan.

It started off good but then it became boring to me. It was a whole lot of fancy eating and them just doing stuff. I hate to say it but I didn't overly care for this book.