We That Are Left - Clare Clark

The Melvilles are an aristocratic British family living at Ellinghurst - a family estate that has its share of secrets.


During the Melvilles' childhood Ellinghurst was a place of adventure except for family friend Oskar who is picked on and finds solace in the library among the many books. After the Great War the big house loses its charm for sisters Jessica and Phyllis. Jessica longs for the glitz and glamour of London life while her bookworm sister Phyllis dreams of university.


The book started off fine even though at the very beginning it was confusing with all the people. I really liked Jessica. Clark's writing was good. But this book was loooooooooooong. Oskar's chapters were boring with all the physics and science and math. Then eventually the whole book was boring and there were too many "bruised" clouds.