Words in the Dark (Nora Cooper Mysteries) - Giulia Beyman, Deborah Belford de Furia

Joe and Nora Cooper were going to enjoy their later years in their newly purchased dream home on Martha's Vineyard. But Joe has been killed, and not only that, he sold their dream home without even telling her. Nora doesn't believe her husband would do something like that, but maybe she didn't know her husband of thirty-five years as well as she thought she did. Searching for answers she gets a little help from Joe in the form of Scrabble letters - a game loved by their whole family. Nora uncovers one nasty truth after another until she has all the answers she was looking for.

This book was good! It was so well-crafted. The story was believable - nothing was far-fetched or "convenient". It never dragged on. There were lots of twists and suspense. The characters were believable and well-developed. Unputdownable!