Hot Summer Reads: An Anthology of Erotic Stories - Freya Lange, TT Tales, Patient Lee, J. Kendall Dane, M.S. Tarot, Steve Williams, J.C. Winchester, Shea Mara, Bucky Duckman, Ella Wilding

These short stories are very well written with the exception of Passion On the Potomac. There is nothing wrong with the story itself. I found the writing somewhat juvenile (man jam, love slime, throbber, etc.) which took away from the story. But the rest.. wow!


***** Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday - A young woman and her best friend go on a road trip down Route 66 in the very hot summer of '67. While trying to cool off in the back of a store one of the young women finds something that makes her hotter than the weather.


**** Endless Summer - A guy takes the day off work and goes for a drive down memory lane. He ends up at his grandmother's old house where he and his brother used to spend several weeks of their summer vacations and unexpectedly runs into a childhood friend. (You will never forget either of their names, that's for sure.)


**** The Darkness Next Door - A young man is living in a dangerous neighbourhood. He listens to the crying and screaming next door but there's nothing he can do about it. The young man and the only daughter of the hateful man next door fall in love. What will daddy think about his daughter with a white man?


***** Tryst in the Trail Shelter - A woman has agreed to go on a hike with her girlfriend. They take shelter before a storm and not even a male stranger is going to spoil their fun.


** A Midsummer's Evening - Holly and her Master, who is also her boss and a family friend, attend her parents 25 year anniversary party.


***** I'm Not Gay - A college guy notices the sexy lifeguard at the country club he spends time at. After their first encounter he gets a surprise.


**** Keys to the Sun - Summer lives on Venus where it's always dark and raining. But two hours of sun is coming her way. Will she get to enjoy it or does the Commander's son have different plans for her?


* Passion On the Potomac - A man in a new city finds himself with a hot younger man.


***** Fighting Fire with Fire - While on vacation volunteer firefighter Krista saves a woman's dog from a fire that destroyed her camper while she was away. This woman stirs up new feelings within Krista.


***** The Hole in the Basement Wall - After a get-together three wives discover a kinky secret the fourth wife has and it leads them to better sex with their husbands.