Mrs. Sinclair's Suitcase - Louise Walters

Roberta collects the old letters, cards, lists.. whatever she finds in the old books she comes across while working at a second hand bookshop. Her grandmother is ancient and living in a care facility. Roberta has been given some of her belongings including a letter from the grandfather she never knew that was written after he died in the war.

This book switches back and forth from present day Roberta to her grandmother, Dorothy, during World War II.

Dorothy is unhappily married. While her husband is away at war she meets, and falls in love with, Squadron Leader Jan Pietrykowski.

Roberta sets out to find answers to the questions she has about the letter she found.

I wanted to like this book but it was just blah. I love the concept of the old book store and finding and collecting old letters. But that was it. Roberta's story was flat and boring. I didn't like it after her cat died, to be honest. Dorothy's story wasn't bad until near the end. It just went on and on and on about the damn baby. I didn't like the ending. Some things in the book had me wondering why they were written in, some things went on too long, some things were just too convenient. A forgettable book.