Reading the Sweet Oak - Jan Stites

Tulsa loves the river, canoeing, the birds and critters, the scenery in the Ozarks and she especially loves her grandmother Ruby. Together they run the Sweet Oak River Oasis - a canoe rental business that sits on a river that threads the Ozark hills.


Widowed for thirty years and still missing her husband, Ruby knows the joys that love can bring and wants her granddaughter to experience those joys herself. But Tulsa has no time for anything except running the Oasis. When her grandmother suggests she read a romance novel Tulsa reluctantly agrees out of the love she has for Ruby.


Unbeknownst to Tulsa, Ruby has created a romance novel book club. Their friends Pearl, BJ, and Jen get together to discuss books but end up learning about forgiveness, taking chances, and love.


I really loved the setting of this book and the strong bond of friendship these women shared. I also loved when BJ responded to her doctor's orders to find a man's love with "Jesus loves me" and he told her "Jesus loves everybody. You need to find someone less promiscuous." A well-written, cozy novel.