We Were Liars - E. Lockhart

This threw me off:

Then he pulled out a handgun and shot me in the chest. I was standing on the lawn and I fell. The bullet hole opened wide and my heart rolled out of my rib cage and down into a flower bed. Blood gushed rhythmically from my open wound.
then from my eyes,
my ears,
my mouth.

There are similar things like this written in the book and I actually enjoyed them after I figured out the first one wasn't really true.

The way she wrote
like this
didn't bother me and to be honest I hadn't really noticed it until I read other reviews where people mentioned it and didn't like it. But what annoyed me was this, what annoyed me was this. I got it the first time. So, I'm thinking three star book because the repetitions were annoying.

Until I read the last part. OH MY GOD. Soooo good!!! The ending was brilliant. I absolutely loved it!

This story is told by Cadence. She comes from a privileged family. Every year she and her family spend their summer on her grandfather's private island off Martha's Vineyard. Her and her two cousins - Mirren and Johnny - as well as their friend, Gat, are inseparable. They are known as the Liars.

When Cadence is fifteen she sustains an injury that leaves her without any knowledge of what happened. She remembers bits and pieces over time and then she turns to the Liars to fill in the gaps and what she uncovers is shocking.

I devoured this book; definitely worth a re-read.