Scouting for the Reaper - Jacob M. Appel

A well-written collection of eight short stories.

Choose Your Own Genetics - A smart teenager finds out about her family after she does a science experiment (several times).

Creve Coeur - A man who runs a lighting store gets a surprise when his ex-fiancée's stepdaughter shows up telling him that her stepmother wants a chandelier put in.

Scouting for the Reaper - A father takes his "Girl Scout" daughter door-to-door selling tombstones.

Ad Valorem - Greta's husband has just passed away. For decades he has been going to the same accountant, even after they moved. Greta decides to go to him as well even though there is an H&R within walking distance from her house. One of the things she learns about the accountant is that his wife has also just passed away.

Rods and Cones - Empty nester Roberta's pet rabbit has gone blind. She does whatever she can to find out what can be done for him.

The Extinction of Fairy Tales - When Edie bought the house she "inherited" Sammy, the guy who mowed the lawn for the previous owner. After showing up every other Tuesday for thirty-seven years, he misses a day. And then another. Edie realizes she can't call him or ask someone about him because she doesn't know anything about him.

Hazardous Cargoes - A truck driver has forty-two penguins, seventeen iguanas, four tuataras, and two linsangs in the trailer. And one stowaway in the back of the cab.

The Vermin Episode - A man goes through painstaking efforts to find a place to bury a corpse.