Einstein's Beach House - Jacob Appel

This is a collection of eight well-written short stories.

Hue and Cry - A convicted sex offender lives down the road from thirteen-year-old Lizzie. While her best friend wants to break into his house and explore, her dying father wants to take her and her sister over to welcome him to the neighbourhood.

La Tristesse Des Herissons - A couple's pet hedgehog begins feeling depressed. Adeline devotes herself to the well-being of this hedgehog while Josh reluctantly does the same.

Strings - A Rabbi's former lover shows up out of the blue asking for her help in setting up a performance of four hundred cellos.

Limerence - A beautiful, rebellious, popular girl who has grown up too fast steals the heart of the young boy across the street.

Einstein's Beach House - A man's plan to make some quick cash goes awry and the family is left to find another place to live.

The Rod of Asclepius - A little girl accompanies her widowed father on trips to the hospital and decides she wants to be a doctor just like daddy. The only problem is he isn't a doctor.

Sharing the Hostage - A woman and her new boyfriend kidnap a turtle from her ex-husband who, of course, has custody of the turtle.

Paracosmos - After her best friend stops being her best friend, and even her friend for that matter, a young girl is convinced no one loves her any more. Her heartbroken mother tells her she will get her the talking parakeet she wants, but her father won't allow it. So the girl makes up an imaginary friend instead, one with a macaw.